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Become A Certified Hypno Birth Therapist

with the creator of HypnoFertility®, Lynsi Eastburn. The Hypno Birth Certification Program is the natural progression of Lynsi's brainchild, HypnoFertility®, and addresses the entire gamut of hypnotic birthing applicationsincluding the most difficult cases.

Over the years, birth practitioners have often told Lynsi that they would like to feel better prepared for whatever pregnancy or birth situation walks in to their offices. Lynsi understands their needs and agrees, and has now made that possible. Lynsi works from a client-centered standpoint—always. And that means that her concern is always that clients receive the best possible service resulting in the best possible outcome. Lynsi feels that clients get the best possible service when therapists/practitioners have access to—and are encouraged to integrate—cutting edge information.

Lynsi’s program is cutting edge. It is so in-depth that it can be used as a four-session stand-alone program for certified hypnotherapists not otherwise trained in any other hypnosis/birth program; it enhances one’s skill level which, in turn, leads to better results with any program of choice; and it can be combined with any other program, in particular filling in the blanks in areas not addressed. Because Lynsi is literally “in the trenches” every day she knows what works—and what doesn’t. No matter what methods someone uses, or how long they’ve been using them, those methods must evolve. If they don’t that “best possible service” is impossible.

It’s important to recognize that women who experience infertility—even for a brief time—are frequently left emotionally exhausted. Receiving a positive pregnancy test result does not magically erase the trauma they have been through. HypnoFertility® clients often wish to continue with hypnotherapy throughout their pregnancies and also to utilize its benefits for the birthing process. The fact is that medically assisted conception regularly results in the need for medically assisted birth. The Hypno Birth Certification Program is a valuable application of hypnosis designed to assist natural, vaginal birth; and is also a comprehensive, user-friendly program that utilizes essential hypnotic techniques that complement all potential birth scenarios including: mandatory c-sections, emergency c-sections, multiple births, high-risk pregnancy, nausea and vomiting during pregnancy (NVP), breech presentation (how to turn a breech baby with hypnosis—even over the phone),  pre-mature labor, medical need to induce labor (hypnotic induction of labor), anxiety and fear surrounding pregnancy and birth, pitocin support, lactation, bonding, postpartum depression, and much more.

Lynsi’s program evolved out of her precision hypnotism skills as applied to all kinds of birth. Her techniques are so powerful that even her distance clients can have the births they desire—whether they ever see her in person or not. And her methods are effective for virtually all birth scenarios. After more than a dozen years of working exclusively with fertility clients (and their births) Lynsi has meticulously honed the necessary hypnotic process to best assist these clients and their unique circumstances. Fertility clients often require mandatory cesarean sections, have a number of complications to address, and aren’t necessarily even interested in natural, vaginal birth—the crux of most hypnosis birthing programs.

Lynsi's Program Addresses:

  • Elimination of fear
  • Dehypnotizing clients
  • Empowering clients
  • Need for precision hypnotism skills
  • No need to attend birth
  • Hypnotic Languaging
  • Painted Words
  • Charged Words
  • How to use the language of others to benefit YOUR clients (if you can’t revamp the language—this technique will go you one better!)
  • Crucial need-to-know on fight or flight
  • NO Birth is a failure
  • Mind/body connection in relation to pregnancy and birth
  • Benefit from information processing
  • Versions of time distortion including posthypnotic
  • Perfect patter for hypnotic depth testing
  • Hypnotic amnesia (and amnesic states)
  • 4 full client sessions designed to build on each other to create the deepest trance in-office, by phone or Skype, and as needed during birth (includes dialogue with baby, achieving somnambulism and how to easily test to make sure, various inductions included—use your own if appropriate—all the above techniques taught are built right into the session scripts for easy yet powerful application
  • Count-ups including future pace
  • Research studies included
  • And much more!
  • A test is included—if you would like to be certified in Lynsi’s methods simply complete the test and send it to us. We will review the test and, assuming it looks good, mail you a beautiful certificate.
  • Proof of either hypnotherapy certification or certification in any of the other hypnosis/birth methods must be provided for certification.
Lynsi’s program, as described above, was originally developed to be taught in a two-day classroom format. However, lacking the necessary time to conduct the classes, she has modified the program to be self-contained. It simply requires a little bit of self-direction to read through it, familiarize yourself with it, and apply it whenever necessary. Lynsi’s expertise in the use of hypnotic languaging made it possible for her to create what she feels is the easiest and most effective hypnosis/birthing program ever.

The value of this entire program is $495. However, we want to make it accessible to as many people as would like to utilize it. So we are taking $300 off the price! Yes, $495 worth of quality material for only $195. This is not a script book. Even simple script books can go for $100 or more. This is an entire programthe hows, the whys, and so much morecreated by a seasoned therapist, hypnotherapist, hypno/fertility/birthing therapist/educator, and certified hypnotism instructor. Lynsi walks you through the whole process step-by-step, just as though she’s there. All you have to do is read.

The Hypno Birth Certification Program is available for purchase to all who wish to do so. However, to be certified in Lynsi's methods two simple requirements must be met: You must be a certified hypnotherapist (no fertility or birth experience necessary), or you must be certified in any one of the various hypnosis/birth programs available. And, you must pass the included test.

A certificate suitable for framing will be sent to you immediately upon our receipt and approval of the required materials.

Certified Hypno Birth Therapists will also be placed on Lynsi Eastburn's HypnoFertility®/Hypno Birth referral list.

Lynsi's Hypno Birth methods are available only through her certification program as described above. Order yours nowyou'll be glad you did. Especially once your precision hypnosis/birth skills kick in and you start receiving the referrals both you and your new clients deserve!

Please call us at 303-424-2331 or e-mail office@hypnodenver.com to order your copy of the Hypno Birth Certification Program, for questions, or for more information.

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